Why your website should be optimised for mobile?

Today, we live in a world where technology plays a key role. We are reliant on using smart phones for almost everything. With accessibility and reach, the number of mobile users has skyrocketed in recent years. Whether it’s for searching or shopping, mobiles are usually the first option people choose. It has simplified people’s lives and habits by using the latest technology available. So, it’s time to make the most of mobile devices.

Is your business mobile yet?

Mobile optimisation will affect organic visibility, quality score, ad position and cost, sales and customer loyalty. Shoppers prefer to shop using their mobile. Having a attractive, sharp, accurate and focused layout and presentation helps not only to generate business but also helps to build credibility.From a research conducted by Nielsen, it was found that 48% of mobile consumers when shopping are  influenced from results of paid and organic searches. With mobile ads, the eminence of a good mobile landing page gives a greater value in ranking your ad that directly affects your organic search rankings. It’s the landing page that determines your sales conversion and customer loyalty. If people come across a mobile website that has been well designed and represents your business clearly, they are likely to visit your store again and hopefully make a purchase.

The experience of Blooms and Gift, one of the renowned mobile florist and gift specialists in Adelaide, confirms the benefits of offering a great experience on mobile as:

“Understanding that social media and online presence is extremely important, l took on the help and guidance with VIS in 2012 and have been more than happy with both the service and professional help given by Prabin, Anisha and the team.  VIS has more than helped my business.

This includes the development of my mobile website which has helped our customers to increase accessibility and reach, thus adding growth in terms of sales exponentially. Staying in mobile is an invaluable part of our successful marketing and customer satisfaction. Getting our mobile website optimised with VIS has been one of the best decisions, I’ve made.”

Regards Justine Shedden

Blooms And Gifts

Blush Blooms And Events

In nutshell, mobile optimisation can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement giving an edge over the competition.

Helping you to make your site mobile friendly:

With VIS, we can optimise your websites for mobile.
• Visit our mobile website creation platform http://visitmobile.com.au/.
• Request a quote for building a mobile website.
• Visit our website http://www.visnetwork.com.au/ for SEO especially for mobile websites through PPC and other advertisements.
• Dial at 08 8338 3846 for more information.

visadmin | info@visnetwork.com.au

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