What you need to know about monetising your new idea?

If I could show you how to monetise your new business ideas through mobile, would you listen to me?

Well, let me share with you how I discovered, designed and delivered on such promises and then you can see for yourself if your new ideas could work along these lines.

The problem with App Developers
Almost all App developers fail to recognise entrepreneurs in a discovery mode when they ask about goals for projects, commercialisation aspects and genuine requirements and simply end up selling a solution that Entrepreneur want and not necessarily one that WORKS.

To demonstrate this, let’s take at a typical interaction between an entrepreneur and an App developer:

Entrepreneur: “Hello App developer, we need an App.”

App Developer: “We can help you with that, what do you want in App?”

Entrepreneur: “I have a cool idea about …”

App Developer: “Great, that sounds like a great idea and I can help you make this a success.”

Entrepreneur: “How much will it cost and how long will it take to build?”

App Developer: “It will cost $5000 and 10 workdays to complete.”

Entrepreneur (now client): “Great, this is within our budget, when can you start?”

Well, I am sure you can relate to this scenario but the problem with this process is that the developer is so focused on closing the sale. It is better find out the need for the App and then focus on solving the problem or challenging their ideas and give real VALUE to their customers.

If your developer knows about App Success and knowing how to make it go viral, then they should lead the conversation.

Is it any wonder that almost 80-90% of Apps fail?

Let’s look at how I would interact in such a scenario:

Entrepreneur: “Hello developer, we need an App.”         

App Developer: “Great, can you tell me more … and what are you trying to achieve here?”

Entrepreneur: “We want to commercialise this unique idea.”

App Developer: “Why?”

Entrepreneur: “Because this will help to solve XYZ problems and give value to clients.”

App Developer: “Anything else?”

Entrepreneur: “We want to get XYZ results etc.”

App Developer: Curious to know “why?”

As you can see the whole conversation is now focused on the actual business to solve customers’ problems and challenges and it’s the results than an entrepreneur is expecting.

Australia’s Digital Entrepreneur, Prabin Gautam, has studied and worked with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and understands how to help clients achieve their goals. It is by first understanding exactly what an entrepreneur wants now and into the future to monetise new ideas to the best advantage…

Call Prabin now on 1300 777 847.

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