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    Visualizer Pro

    Create, Visualise and Achieve your Goals

Visualize anywhere, anytime by listening to your own voice as it guides you through your personal success story – see it in your mind’s eye, believe it, be it!

About Project

Would you like to actually achieve your goals this year? Improve your finances! Get a fitter body! Advance your career! Find love! Whatever your dreams, design your destiny with the Visualizer Pro App! Let Visualizer Pro motivate you, support you and keep you focused as you work towards achieving your goals and dreams.


  • Goal - Create your own goal.
  • Record - Voice record your personal visualizations.
  • Action - Add actions for your goal.
  • Motivational Message - set personalized motivational messages.
  • Reminder - add reminder for your actions and motivational messages.
  • Upgrade - Upgrade to Change my Life/Total Success.


1. Choose a key life area and create your goal or define your dreams!

2. Voice record your personal visualization and listen to it every day!

3. Commit to actions towards achieving your goal and set reminders!

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    Leanne Fazzalari

    "I was thoroughly impressed by Prabin and his team! Identifying my key Partners & Clients and Revenue Streams was so relevant for my new business and planning my Action Steps to help me achieve my goals is exactly what I'm all about! Thank you Prabin I am certainly better prepared! "