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Is your website Mobile Friendly?

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“Hi my name is Sue Rusalen, I’m practice manager at Adams Dental. Dental work is changing. Whereas we used to rely on walk by traffic and word- of- mouth referrals, it’s a lot harder these days.

Social media and search engine optimisation is absolutely critical in your business even medical and dental practices.

After much searching far and wide and trying to do it ourselves, enrolling in courses and being a complete failure I finally took a recommendation from a friend and discovered Prabin, his lovely wife Anisha and their fantastic team. Since then our Facebook LIKES have gone through the roof and we getting more patients come through our front door and booking appointments. We’ve got a fantastic website, really classy and good pictures. Wonderful Facebook being put out all the time…

All the worries taken away, we just leave it to Prabin. He’s a one-stop- shop and I recommend if you’re looking for really good search engine optimisation or presence on the internet that you go to VIS, they are fantastic!