VIS 6th Birthday Special Offers For October

It’s VIS’s 6th Anniversary!!!

Are you celebrating with us yet? We know, we know…there are more weekends left in October that is still unaccounted for specials. Well for now:

Check out the services

Resuls-Driven Web Design

Actual Price $1500, Offer Price $750

• 5 page basic website with Choice of templates
• Animation for the main banner on the home page
• Contact Us form, Photo gallery & testimonials
• Designs of other individual 5 pages
• On choice value added services
• 1 year Website hosting and domain name registration

Mobile Website


Actual Price: $299, Offer Price $149

5 page basic mobile website

Our mobile websites are engaging and designed with mobile usability in mind.Our team of designers and developers will work hand in hand with you to craft an intuitive and interactive mobile experience.

Customised Social Media


Actual Price $499, Offer Price $249

Ongoing Social Media Campaign

Actual Price $300, Offer Price $150

You can also promote your business products, business theories, services, and achievements remarkably through Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube ..

Create Android App (From $1500)

Features you get with us:
• Integrated Native Apps
• Web Service to Update Apps
• Push Notifications
• Beautiful Designs & Layouts

• And Many more

Create iPhone App (From $2000)

Features you get with us:
• Integrated Native Apps
• Web Service to Update Apps
• Push Notifications
• Beautiful Designs & Layouts

• And Many more

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
5 Targeted Keywords 10 Targeted Keywords 15 Targeted Keywords 25 Targeted Keywords
3 SEO Article Marketing 5 SEO Article Marketing 9 SEO Article Marketing 12 SEO Article Marketing
35 Manual Submissions 95 Manual Submissions 200 Manual Submissions 250 Manual Submissions
150 Inbound Links 200 Inbound Links 300 Inbound Links 400 Inbound Links


or Call us at :08-8338-3846




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