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Video Marketing

Video Marketing AdelaideFor a successful marketing plan, relationship building and word of mouth is essential. If you are able to bring your idea and words of mouth in the form of video, then that is more effective because video strokes people in three ways: visually, auditorally and emotionally. Video, make people emotionally connected and can electrify them to buy your products and re-visit your websites. This makes the customer feel comfortable and well-informed. This helps you to aggregate trust with them. And we all know that trust is the biggest factor to be mentioned in every business for its success. The potentiality to grow your market viral is possible through these video marketing.

Why Animation in your marketing?

Listed below are the few points mentioning the reasons of having animation in your marketing.

  • Increased Conversation Rates
  • Video boosts SEO
  • Viral marketing and video sharing
  • Video saves time in creating and delivering PowerPoint presentations.


How Can an Animation help you?

We at VIS specialise in helping organisations effectively communicate their message in a visual medium. An animated video quickly lets your audience know what you have to say. Easily engage and convert your visitors with the use of an interactive media message.


Why choose us?

Our action speaks more than our words. We are indeed:

  • Affordable
  • Bespoke
  • Experienced


How much do they cost?

Animation costs vary depending on the length and complexity. We want to be open and honest and give you a ball park figure for basic animation price starts from $1500 plus GST with two weeks fast turnaround for your each animation video.


Extra -Features to decide

  • Project brief writing – Style, Storyboard concepts
  • Script writing
  • Voice over Artist
  • Music and sound track confirmation
  • Custom images and sound effects

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