Use of Smartphones now exceeds watching TV in Australia

From research released globally by Millward Brown’s 2014 AdReaction Report has revealed that Aussies spend more time using their smartphones than watching TV. With the growing use of mobile technology, mobile users are also skyrocketing in Australia.

The research company has examined multiscreen use and behavioural patterns across 30 countries and explored consumer receptivity to advertising on TV, smartphones, laptops and tablets. From the study, it has been determined that Australians on average spend six and a half hours daily staring at a screen, of which 113 minutes is simultaneously using another screen.

The report found that Aussies spend most of their time, 132 minutes on smartphones whereas 125 minutes are spent on TV, 102 minutes on a laptop and 37 minutes on a tablet.

“The research provides valuable insights for Australian marketers who are under increasing pressure to account to the C-Suite level for every marketing dollar spent. All marketers know their consumers are spending more and more time multiscreening but detailed information as to precisely how they are using these screens is required to successfully plan and execute synergistic multiscreen campaigns. These results show that Australians are comfortable switching between screens but that they require compelling reasons to mesh content.” says Mark Henning, head of media and digital, Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific (AMAP).

While talking about advertisements, Aussies still prefer a TV platform. TV leads with 27% followed by laptop, mobile and tablets with 17%, 13% and 12% respectively.

The report showed that smartphones are used throughout the day with a heavier usage at night. It also showed that TV watching followed a similar pattern.

Once again TV seemed to be the clear winner with 62% preferring to place their ads using this platform followed by laptops with 37%, tablets with 33% and smartphones with 31%.

80% of marketers who engage in mobile technology believe it will provide a good ROI.  30% of marketers use a location-based functionality and 47% of marketers have an app. Mobile adoption is growing and consequently it will have a direct impact when designing responsive emails. 41% of respondents in the survey said that 31-50% of their subscribers open their emails via a mobile device, and 24% reported that their emails were opened on a mobile device. So it appears that 2014 is a year to commit to mobile-friendliness.

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