The secret to getting loyal mobile app users

The more downloads your app receives in the Apple’s app store or Google’s playstore,the more chances you have in reaching the next level of your sales funnel and ultimately, making more money. In this article, we share  various ways on how to increase your apps download rate with loyal mobile app users.

1. Work with as many traffic sources as possible

If you are not marketing your apps on available traffic sources such as mobile ad network, incentive based programs, real time bidding platforms or if you are focused on only one of these sources, then you are missing valuable opportunities to identify the best traffic sources for driving loyal user numbers. So the best practice is to work with more traffic.

2. Have a five star review on your app

Whenever users are in an appstore or playstore, their decisions for installing an app are influenced by ratings as this equates to the probability of more downloads. It’s a behavioural factor. Its smart to have genuine reviews written by family members and friends you can trust for your app to gain the maximum number of stars.

3. Drive and track downloads from organic users

Target organic users, who actively seek and download your apps without any marketing influence. These organic users have a higher tendency to become your loyal users and have a higher lifetime value than ad driven users. For this, track the organic trends (a tight relationship between conversions and rankings and both have an effect on generating organic relationships via advertising) in the app store. As new users are introduced into the app store, your app’s usage increases and so does your ranking. This will help yield the highest number of organic downloads. And for advertisers, once the ranking is improved there’s no need to spend more as the ranking position will not be downgraded.

4. Define your app title focusing on conversions

When you are ready to release your app into the app stores, focus on the title. Do not base the title on brands only, instead, describe it in terms of app store search results so there is an opportunity to convert users who arrive on your app store landing page. For example, consider a photography oriented app. Create a title that best describes the app’s functionality so that if anyone searches for “picture colour” your app is most likely to appear in the search results as “Photography”.

5. Focus on responsive designs with short and punchy content

More than half of Australia’s population now use Smartphones,that is why optimising the store’s landing page for both desktops and mobiles is essential. Pay special attention to font size and your content for effective ROI. Make it as short as possible, but punchy. Remember “less is more”!

So if you have created your app and are searching for loyal users and more downloads, then simply follow the above listed points.This will assist in finding your loyal users and has the potential to increase your business. For more tips and queries, contact VIS at 0431 041 875 or email us at

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