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When a business satisfies a customer through product or service, a certain level of trust is built. Whereby a customer feels confident to provide their contact details as they are interested in hearing more from the company. This creates an opportunity for a SMS campaign.

At VIS, we encourage you to build a reliable relationship with your customers regarding your company through an appropriate SMS campaign. We achieve this by:

  1. Using SMS to follow up with customers and to confirm that they are happy with their purchase
  2. Offer them new information such as a new product, service, promotion or referral program.

Since Australians spend on average 2.5 hours using their phones, this is an opportunity to reach out They will at least see the message and know what is being promoted.

We develop an automated SMS campaign which is unique for your business by creating triggers and implementing  them to your database so that the right messages are sent to the right people at the right time. This provides a more efficient messaging system. It also collects data through the automated system to establish what factors work best and what needs to be adjusted based on your target market.

As well as building a good relationship with customers, an SMS campaign contributes strongly to referral marketing. This works well combined with a referral marketing strategy and provides a well-designed funnel (link to funnel design and implementation)..

To learn more about creating your SMS campaign, book a free 30min consultation with us, or contact us via email at or call us at 1300 777 847 if you have any questions or need any clarifications  regarding implementing an SMS campaign.

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