Signs That You Need To Update Your Website

We live in an ever changing environment. The company website is important for your business. It represents the brand and its services to your customers online. It’s imperative that your website is kept up to date with changes and new developments that are occurring in the industry.

Here are some signs that your website needs to be updated:

Your website is not mobile friendly

Today more than 50 percent of web traffic is by mobile phones. If your prospect is unable to open it on their mobile device, it’s a lost marketing opportunity or a possible sale.

There are other disadvantages of not having a mobile friendly website:

  • Google search does not favor websites which are not mobile friendly
  • Google indexes sites based on their mobile versions rather than desktop versions.
  • People are more likely to deflect to other online or offline sources.
Website View in Mobile and Desktop
Website View in Mobile and Desktop

No updated Content

All changes must be updated on your website. Users can easily tell if it’s up-to-date.

An updated website does well in Google search engines as well.

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Competitor’s Website are more appealing

Perhaps your competitors’ sites are looking great in comparison to yours.

This is a sure sign to redesign the company website.

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Not linked with social media

Have you added a Facebook page or a LinkedIn page to reach more a greater audience? Adding social media accounts to your site will allow customers to gain a better insight about you and your business.

This potentially will increase the number of followers onto your social media pages and eventually increase activity on your posts, while keeping your customers in sync with new updates.


Slow website

Check the speed of your website – Google Page Speed Insight. If it is fast, then great, but if not, it’s time to increase the speed. A slow web page increases the bounce rate by 50 percent which equates to low conversions and traffic flow.

Optimising the images and reducing the CSS can enhance the loading speed of your site.

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