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Have a new physiotherapy clinic in the city?

Want to grow your existing physiotherapy practice?

If you answered YES and desire to have more patients for your physiotherapy practice in Melbourne, it is necessary to have a great online and offline marketing strategy with flawless execution in place.

However, it doesn’t make sense to have an internal marketing department which tends to be much expensive. The perfect solution to this problem is to hire a professional and experienced digital marketing agency.

And VIS is here to help you out. Use our expertise in physiotherapy marketing on the digital platform to boost your business.

Wondering how will VIS achieve your desired results and more? Here’s what we do.

It starts with discovering your physiotherapy clinic’s goals. We will work with you to find out what you want the website for, how it’s going to work for you and what will it help you achieve and what you want the results to be. In short, what you want to achieve from our online and offline marketing efforts.

Since a result driven website is the backbone for our digital marketing efforts. There are few key points we need to take into consideration when designing and developing the website that is best for your practice. Have a look below.

And once you have a website running, we work on driving targeted traffic to your site by making it responsive and result driven. This is where elements from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation and SMO (Social Media Optimisation) come into play. With VIS dedicated team of digital marketing strategists and their efforts, you will find increased number of queries and patients for your physiotherapy practice in the city.

To discuss all the details and requirements for your physiotherapy practice’s website, consultation is a constant part and process at VIS.

Key Points to Consider When Building Your Website:

The website should give a feel of trust and credibility.

It should look clean and easy to access, meaning it should come with a friendly user interface. They shouldn’t be lost when they are going through your site. They should be able to know which page they are on and what information to expect from that particular page. Basically, your visitors should be able to navigate around with ease.

Provide valuable and correct information for educational purposes from yourphysios and other experts in the field. It helps to place you as an authority figure in the industry, and helps you earn trust of anyone visiting your website.

Your website should have high level of visitors’ engagement. For this the site should be able to encourage people to develop a sense of community where they can use the information available, share their expertise, problems and even ask for help. It will help you better understand their needs and provide services accordingly. VIS does this with the future in mind. It’s the long term benefit of having a strong website from the beginning.

Help you build a strong brand online.

The site should convey your brand. Your patients should connect with you. It’s all about establishing a successful personal relationship and partnership with your client.

A refined and professional look for your website is a must to maintain your brand image. In this day and age, branding is not only important in real life but is equally important in the digital plain. We have seen the kind of image you portray online can affect your business in reality. Take for example- Pepsi’s Advertisement with Kendell Jenner. The decisions you make online have real life consequences. So, you have to be careful and think things through with the future in mind. You want your business to be long-term and not short-term.

Your website should be conversion friendly.

From helping your visitors to see the services you provide and the ones that they are looking for whether they want to contact you via email or call you for any questions they may have, along with booking an appointment with you should all be easily accessible to them.

They should get the information they want and take action accordingly without feeling overwhelmed with the information and navigation design. That’s why strategic navigation is helpful.

You want your visitors to feel welcomed to explore the site and not make them feel confused with excess of information and complicated navigation.

Build a secure website for everyone.

Online security is another concern for you and your patients. Online security affiliation icons if you have one should be highlighted on the site. So the clients feel safe to give their personal and financial information online and are willing to get your service.

With VIS by your side, you can relax. We have strong security measures to keep online health records, payment details and other sensitive information about the patients to be private. We see to it that no delicate information is sold to third parties.

These are just a few key points to take into consideration when designing and developing a website for you. However, there are other factors as well we need to talk about. Give us a call 1300 777 847 or write to us at We are happy to provide you will answers to your burning questions.

With the expertise of VIS you can achieve all this and more. So what are you waiting for? Select one of our packages you see fit to promote your practice:

  • 360° Solutions
  • 360° Marketing
  • Done 4 U Marketing Solutions

Let’s work together to grow your physiotherapy practice in Melbourne and make it a grand success!