Multi-channel marketing can be best defined as the practice of using multiple channels in order to reach customers. This allows them multiple choices as they can select a favourite retail store, website, email, mobile, PPC etc.

Why is Multi-Channel Marketing Important?

As multi-channel marketing is about marketing across different channels, the greatest success comes from creating cohesive cross-channel marketing strategies. Multi-channels are important as it’s critical to know where your customers are. With the wide variety of marketing channels, potential customers can reach you from anywhere. That is why it is essential and with increasing numbers of potential customers, marketing channels grow even further so designing multi-channel marketing strategies will continue to be key for swaying in top-tier customers.

Which Channels Work Well Together?

Amongst the various channels, some work better together such as computer/mobile, TV/mobile, computer/TV, radio/mobile, computer/radio. The computer/mobile combination is the most popular pairing during working hours.

Tips for successful multi-channel marketing

Here is a list of four multi-channel marketing tips to help your marketing go ahead in the right direction:

1.  Know Your Audience:

What channels will work best for your business? Where does your key audience spend most of their time? This information should greatly influence your multi-channel marketing approach.

2.  Create and maintain a single view of customers across all the channels
It is essential to have views from your customers regarding your brand across various channels. This will help you to understand your customers’ behaviour across several channels and understand each customer’s value to you.

3.  Create a multi-channel platform

It’s essential to create an effective multi-channel platform listed below are some techniques which can help you:
• Campaign management
• Advanced analytics
• Advanced execution
• Response attribute
• Digital marketing

4.  Create consistent customer experience across all channels

Along with the importance of qualitative customer experience, consistency is equally important. Your customer’s interaction could be in any form such as online, in a store, over the phone etc. your every reaction and response to them is valuable and should be consistent in every field or form. You should treat each channel in the same way so your customers feel safe and well guided.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

More Attention:
Since you’ll be stepping across so many vendors, there is more probability of you being noticed and there is a higher chance of potential customers coming to you.

Multiple choices for customers
You are providing various options to your customers which mean they’ll endeavour to reach you.

Your Brand Stays Consistent
With multi-channel marketing, your brand is consistent across all mediums is a definite advantage in managing your online reputation across all channels.

As you can see, there is an increase in multi-device activity happening in a consumer’s life. So taking advantage of multi-channel marketing is the best way to capitalise these trends.

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