Mobilising Your Small Business

It’s impossible to ignore the changes in technology for mobile devices which have influenced so many small business owners. Smartphones have become the indispensable tool for enterprises who are turning to mobile solutions for their businesses as well as a way to manage their marketing programs.

From a recent survey, it was found that 66 percent of small business owners are now using mobile technology. But 34 percent have not yet caught up with the changing technology. The main reason for alluding change is not knowing enough about using mobile tools and apps.

The key is to identify which mobile tools will compliment your core marketing program which may include email, social media, event marketing etc. Here are five ways in using mobile technology to further engage customers.

1. Mobilise your marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most compelling business strategies, particularly with regard to SMS marketing. SMS, which stands for “short message service,” is regarded as a vital resource within the mobile marketing ecosystem. If you’re not yet tapping into this immensely valuable resource then it’s strongly recommended that you do. SMS marketing builds brand loyalty is surprisingly easy and affordable. Your messages will be read within minutes. It has been observed that text messages are far more effective compared to email notifications when communicating with customers.

2. Mobilise your website

Optimise your website for mobile. Creating a mobile website might sound like its time consuming and a costly process but VIS’s Visitmobile ( makes it possible to create a website within minutes. Website mobile optimisation makes it easier for your customers to download vital information and quickly browse for locations, menus etc. through their smartphones by using the same domain address.

3. Mobilise your payment solutions

It has been foreseen that nearly half of all small retailers will be using a mobile payment app within 12 to 18 months. Traditional cash registers are now on their way out. Step up to the mobile payment solution like PayAnywhere that transforms tablets and smartphones into reliable and secure point-of-sale terminals that are mobile, easy to manage and more affordable.

4. Mobilise your customer service

Every person expects great customer service. It’s much more affordable and apps like can efficiently track customer service cases which helps business owners connect with customers that need assistance.

5. Create and launch mobile app

For better interaction with your audience, increased visibility and accessibility, it’s essential to create and launch apps. From AppMakr which helps you to build a simple app for free to Conduit, a fee-based app maker which allows for social media integration, user reviews, e-commerce options and more. They are high quality and extremely affordable solutions.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to use mobile tools to connect with customers. In going through this article, just remember that you do not need to change your current marketing programs. Rather, expand your approach to support your increasing number of mobile customer users.

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