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Why Mobile Website ?


With more people doing this from their phones your business website not only needs to be good but it also needs to be mobile ready. Imagine if customers looking for your information while driving or shopping.

Here are some more things to consider:

1.  2.4 million or 16% of Australia’s online population aged 14+ now regularly access the internet via their mobile phone. In the last 2 years mobile internet usage has increased 60%.

2.  Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Data June’10 database

3.  Mobile internet users are also more likely to be ‘Big Spenders’

4.  More than half of social media users in Australia (57%) are interested in finding out discounts businesses can offer followed by events and product information (both at 41%). – AIMIA & Sensis report

5.  The AIMIA & Sensis study found that blogs and reviews play a large-role in the decision making process with 63% of social-networkers reading an average of six online reviews before buying an item.

6. According to Google 1 in 3 people use mobile internet when shopping


Get A Mobile Website


Get a low cost, high quality mobile website from VIS.

We can fully customise your site to match your business, your logo, brand, and even your existing website to maximize your business.



VIS offer in Mobile Website


We use various technologies and either create a complete mobile website using responsive website design or build a custom mobile application if your project requires.
Our mobile websites are engaging and designed with mobile usability in mind. Whether you get a mobile website or an iPhone / Android Application, our interfaces are spectacular.

Our team of designers and developers will work hand in hand with you to craft an intuitive and interactive mobile experience.

  • The Header– We can match your existing website, logo, or branding!
  • Custom background and foreground colours – Changing the colouring to match your branding will make your mobile website POP and look unique!
  • Tabs – Product related information and key content about your business.
  • Video – If you have a YouTube video we can embed it so users can watch a video from your mobile website.
  • Mapping – Link to Google maps mobile to users can see a live Google maps of your business location – zoom in, and follow it right to you!
  • Online Order – Call / Text or Email
  • Attractive, Easy-to-Navigate Site – A familiar icon-driven interface provides an effortless user experience that displays information up to 6 times quicker than on a full website.
    This improves the ability of customers who are on-the-go to quickly load and find key content about your business.
  • Redirection script – We will set up your current website to automatically redirect mobile users to your mobile site.

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