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Offline Marketing

The goal of every marketing strategy is to generate as much awareness, attraction and conversion as possible. Most of the strategies today fall into trap of maximising just online marketing. It’s often easy to let go of traditional offline marketing strategies, such as direct mail marketing.

In the world of online disruption and distraction, using just one marketing platform can be a big mistake. Therefore, at VIS, we take a holistic approach by driving your online and offline marketing channels to ensure your message attracts, and converts quality leads. 

“Our blend of modern online marketing and traditional offline marketing tactics allow you to cut through the marketing noise in your industry.”


How to stand out in a crowded online world, using print marketing materials to engage your customers in a tangible and personal level. Find out how this can be done to increase your business’s key to success by contacting us now.


Strive even further with direct mail solutions. An effective and efficient way to reach out to both current and potential customers is to incorporate direct mail campaign as a valuable addition to any marketing plan in order to establish a relationship with your customers.


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Direct Mail Solutions


SMS Marketing

Marketing Swipe and Depoly Flyers

We help make your brand’s presence felt by your target audience. This includes online branding and offline branding such as business cards, marketing brochures, booklets, vouchers, flyers, banners, and letterbox distribution.

We don’t believe in putting all your investment in one “online marketing basket”. Marketing is far more effective with strategic integration of direct mails, SMS marketing, and telemarketing.

Let’s cut through the noise and make your results tangible with online and offline marketing. Book your 30-minute FREE consultation today!

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