Marketing Consultant

Research marketing trends and data. Provide expert information regarding promotions, branding, media channels and other key information for marketing success. Guiding the implementation of marketing strategies for various products and services.

Key functional areas of responsibility

  • Provide marketing expertise to clients
  • Research industries, markets, demographics, trends, sales results and other data related to the clients’ products or services
  • Analyse details of competitor’s information, including specifications, market share, pricing, and promotional materials
  • Create detailed reports with research findings and analysis to update marketing strategies
  • Provide written documentation and verbal presentations for each client to guide the creation of new marketing plans and strategies
  • Recommend specific marketing approaches and spending budgets to achieve the clients desired sales goals
  • Innovate new product and service ideas to increase new or existing market share.
  • Assist marketing managers and directors with branding, positioning and marketing tools for each product or service
  • Work within the client’s budget to produce effective promotional materials and advertising opportunities
  • Track sales and feedback and adjust marketing strategies as necessary
  • Establish marketing tracking methods to help each client evaluate performance

Professional Skills & Qualifications

  • Be competent at researching and analysing the market
  • Ability to know the market trends and plan marketing strategies accordingly
  • Innovative, able to take risks and implement creative ideas for E-business profits
  • Have leadership ability and believe in team work
  • Be motivated, enthusiastic and have the ability to meet goals
  • Make critical decisions for the company.