Making mistakes while designing your emails?

Whenever you compose an email, are you sure your customers will read it? Most answers will be “NO! I am not sure about it.” But there’s an art to creating an email that will excite your customer to open and read it – Email marketing. With the great tips on Email Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts, sometimes it’s the design of your email that sends it straight to the “unsubscribe” button as people are usually attracted by the visual appeal. That is why the design of your email does matter.

Following are some common mistakes people make while writing an Email. STOP IT!

1.   Not using web-safe fonts

If you use unusual fonts in your emails you run the risk of some recipients not having these specific fonts installed on their computers. This will appear in some other font making it appear very weird. That is why choosing a web safe font is the best and sticking to the old standards such as Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, Verdana etc. Using too many different fonts makes your email look messy. So, pare it down to no more than two fonts- one for headlines, the other for the body of your email. Dealing with font color, keep it simple and dark, such as black or dark grey against a white background because lighter colors make reading more difficult.


2.   Placing text within an image


A Compelling image is an easier medium for grabbing your reader’s attention. For the best images keep it simple, relevant, clear and fun. But be careful not to include important text within an image in your email. This is because many emails will default to “images turn off” meaning a large percentage of your recipients will initially see your emails without images thus missing the entire point of your message.

3.   Not designing for mobile display

Your email designs should render well on mobile devices since 41% of commercial emails now open up on Smartphones and Tablets. So, in keeping mobile devices in mind, create your emails with an increased font size of around 14.  Moreover, designers need to deal with responsive designs to leverage the explicit control on how your emails will display on mobile devices.

4.   Not planning the layout of the email
As you have seen, email preview panes show only the top 2-4 inches of your message. This must be the key target area where you include your corporate branding, offers etc. making it compelling and exciting to click on by users for further reading. This can be followed up with supplementary details and other important content. So, always plan the layout of your emails with the expectation that most people generally read the top portion.

Now you are familiar with the above mentioned common mistakes, draft your marketing emails avoiding them.This will reduce the number of unsubscribes and hopefully increase new customers who will engage with your content and be informed about your products.

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