LinkedIn, now moving into the mobile arena

LinkedIn, a renowned social network for the business professional, is increasing its presence in the mobile area. It seems that LinkedIn might have received a signal that it is lagging behind.

LinkedIn is aiming to become the new global economic graph. This means LinkedIn wants us to spend our time with their services and what better medium to use than the mobile. We live in a world where every business person has a mobile at their disposal so they can take advantage of the many features offered. If possible many mobile users wish that their whole world were inside that small device.

The CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, expects 50% of LinkedIn’s unique visitors will come via mobile devices in 2014. He also says, users who visit LinkedIn via mobiles are 2.5 times more active than their desktop counterparts. Also, many countries already have more than 50% of unique visitors from mobile devices. In U.S only, 38% of unique visitors came through LinkedIn.
LinkedIn has been launching a spate of apps. Amongst them is one called ‘Intro’ which is hitting the market. It consists of an email plug-in for iOS users that pulls a LinkedIn profile into emails so that the sender’s job title appears front-and-centre on a user’s iPhone or iPad. Many bloggers have hailed it as a smart play by LinkedIn to get more mobile activity.

But there’s a potential problem with Intro. Since it redirects email traffic to and from user’s iPhone and iPads through LinkedIn’s servers, the concern is that it may become too risky if the servers get hacked?

However, it seems that LinkedIn is serious about creating more mobile usage and is showing some creative sparks. Problems are inevitable and LinkedIn has been impressive in attempting to keep abreast with solving them.

So, how well do you think this new step by LinkedIn in the mobile area will be assessed? Will it contribute to more turnovers? Share your thoughts with us by simply visiting our website or dial us at 1300 777 847 for more details.

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