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LinkedIn Marketing Test

Even though there are numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, if you are looking to generate more leads and referrals for your business, you absolutely cannot overlook LinkedIn.

Wondering WHY LinkedIn?

According to a study conducted by Social Media Examiner, today, professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second and 74% B2B decision makers use LinkedIn to help make purchasing decisions.

In our work helping hundreds of clients with their marketing, we find that about 20% of traffic to their website comes from their activity on LinkedIn.

When it comes to generating new leads, LinkedIn can be more powerful and cost effective than any other channel including paid advertising, direct mail, seminars, and search engine optimisation.

How LinkedIn Can Help You?

  • Get Found Easily
  • Attract Your Ideal Client
  • Engage Your Ideal Client
  • Stand Out
  • Get More Referrals

Following these 5 simple steps, you will achieve:

  • Help your customers to find you easily
  • Position you as an expert so you can charge more
  • Build trusted relationship with customers and prospects
  • Increase your network
  • Introductions and referrals so you can convert those prospects to clients

Take full advantage of The Big Blue Referral machine – LinkedIn to grow your business.

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