Interactive workshop on Social media – Book your seats NOW!

Are you confused with the available social media tools to automate your business? Or are you too busy to keep up your social media updated? Well, worry no more then. You do not have to struggle anymore to keep your social media platforms as active as they should be. Wondering how?

Social Media Workshop by Prabin Gautam has the all answers.  The workshop is perfect for all the newbies to social media as well as busy entrepreneurs. You’ll be introduced to one of the best social media platforms called HootSuite – the social media dashboard that (when set up and used correctly) will help you keep a consistent social media presence across all your platforms, easy to find relevant content to share, track your keywords and much more.

The workshop is happening at three hot places of Australia: Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

So, what are you waiting for? The seats are LIMITED and there are only few remaining. Register yourself NOW!

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