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Let’s begin with this interesting quote by legendary boxer Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a plan, till they get punched in the mouth”. And just like the saying many businesses around the world have been punched hard by Covid-19 but the best part is no matter how badly bruised (or let’s say affected) due to the uncertainty  many businesses refuses to be knocked down and rather choose to thrive & come back stronger. 

On Episode #7 of The Digital Perspectives, it was great having Dr Billy Chow – Entrepreneur, Board Governor of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, Chiropractor for over 22 years & also a Coach for Black Diamond Consulting

Billy’s passion for leadership and journey may have resonated with many business prospects reading this and we certainly hope that his advice will help your business during these uncertain times.

The core focus of this episode is how businesses can pivot instead of changing their whole system, explore previously unmet needs instead of losing business, fast-track service delivery by leveraging technology and create a contemporary operational system.

How do we innovate, and thrive in the time of crisis like this?

We all know the future of business, defined using more automation and technology, was always coming. Let’s assume that COVID-19 has hastened the pace. While some business is obviously still deeply concerned about survival, others are pivoting their production to look at new markets and exploring other options to ‘restart’ and ‘reinvent’ their business or practice model.

What drives many business & medical practice owners having multiple business to do what they do is the passion & system. Especially while dealing with multiple team members multi practice & business owners must go hand in hand with these two factors. If you don’t have a good system, it’s impossible to thrive or succeed in your business. That’s where innovation & technology comes in, it has made massive impact and made business & customers life easier. 

We have heard many people say you need to pivot your business time and again during these changing times. But what does pivot mean? Pivot simply means “How do I change what I’m doing?” “What are the opportunities that I can start to develop to serve my ideal clients and my target market better?” 

The pandemic has left us scratching our head with these questions, but the silver lining is many businesses today have made the best of this situation by developing, reinventing business models the way they should have actually been even before all the COVID 19 hassle. One example is business owners or professionals should always be open for communication with their lapsed, existing and new clients. We should always focus on the fact of how we can serve and re-engage with them. Now everyone is actively online more than ever, this is an awesome opportunity to start engaging, connecting, offering care & support and mostly working on how you can add value.  Looking at the current situation people are overwhelmed & stressed to take any decision. So, as a business owner if you can provide them with valuable information and suggestion then the customers will look upon you and build trust with you and your business.  

Another important thing all business owners should understand right now is, our customers have not lost hope in our business. They’ve lost hope in the fact that they’re confused, worried & scared about the environment they are at. So, it’s important to let your clients or prospects know you as a business owner, you care and are doing your best possible to make their life easier. 

We should remember that with every crisis that has happened historically, it has catalysed opportunity to change. The unfortunate aspects might look difficult at the beginning but provides some kind of uplifting and start to make improvements gradually. 

Moving forward for every business, this pandemic has sped up & catalysed the innovation that was likely to happen soon. The idea of being open to being flexible or being adaptive is key here. What this changing time has taught us is that we can’t always stay within our comfort zone or do things we have always been doing and expect it to be this way forever. We need to adapt and adjust to the changes. 

Regardless how small or big your business or whether you are a multi-practice or multi-business owner you must understand that if there’s no communication, no constant engagement, no value-adding aspect or providing your clients or prospects with reasons for them to continue using your services no matter what you do your business would not thrive. It’s matters how a business is structured, how all clients are valued. To adapt, companies need to keep customer journeys as number one priority & accelerate the development with digital solutions.

Organizations that are making the shift from closed systems and one-to-one transactional relationships to digital platforms and networks have proved more resilient during the crisis. Every business is now a technology business, and what matters most is a deep understanding of the customer, which is enabled by technology. 

What business professional must keep in mind is they should never stop marketing and communicating with clients and giving them a reason, they can benefit through your business. 

How challenging it is changing the digital perspectives within the healthcare industry

Digital platforms like Zoom, Skype and many other applications have changed the communication pattern in the health industry as well. It has made it easier to communicate with not just existing clients but with new clients as well. We were all aware of telehealth before the Covid-19 but what’s even more interesting is the fact we could easily conduct online workshops and educate people. Also, gradually as we move forward this going to be normal. One example is; If a patient wants to see physiotherapist then we could now probably first fix zoom or skype meeting and check beforehand if the appointment could be a beneficial for both. If there are any question, then they can ask to the physiotherapist before coming in. They can use digital technology to research information online, share experiences and identify treatment options

Previously people were hesitant about it but slowly they will adapt to this new normal or new culture and get comfortable with it.  Technology has the power to improve access to healthcare services, especially for people with mobility problems.

So, we can see that there has been a rise in health industry as well due to the technology and innovation that has been taking place. It’s growing fast track; people are getting used to it and practitioners today are looking for ways to do it more efficiently. You see innovation plays a huge part and how you take that digital advantage for your business matters as well. 

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