Increase your SEO ranking with smart social media techniques

Social networking is one of the most important elements to any online marketing strategy. With the growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, many changes have occurred. Social networking is a must for maintaining a digital reputation. After Facebook, Google+ is the #2 social media site which now has more than 540 million monthly active users. It is one of the fastest growing social media channels that have grown by more than 8% in the last six months alone.

Besides increasing your popularity with   Google+, Google is now fully integrating with Google+ in its search results. It has been reported that Google+1’s are the #2 search ranking factors means the better threads you have makes for a better ranking position.

Endeavour to achieve as much Google+1s and maximise your presence. For more details on maximising your online presence with Google+ profile, visit the previous blog link. (

Take care in setting up a Google+ business page as your business’s public appearance and posts on Google+ will affect SEO rankings. The updates on Google+1s will increase your affinity towards SEO. It’s important to commence with the right sequence to maximise the benefits to be gained.

1. Create a Gmail account that will reflect your business rather than using an existing personnel Gmail account so that other people who may be administering you Google+ page can access it. For example,

2. You can then go to the link with your Gmail account to create your page. Simply by following the Google+ wizard, your page will be ready with varying classification options for your business.

3. The next step will be to set up your business logo with a profile picture for branding and include a catchy tagline that will attract people.

4. Fill in all the required bios; add photos and other content to complete your profile. Post articles from your blogs on a regular basis with other interesting news to draw attention.

5. After setting up your profile page, numerous people will be interacting with each other daily through social media. The circles within Google+ are impressive and make it easy for groups to follow and segments people’s interests. This is an ideal opportunity to target market them.

After reading this article, perhaps you will take advantage of the above mentioned tips and create a stronger presence in Google+. It’s an opportunity to outsmart your competitors who may not be so savvy in realising the beneficial aspects of Google+ which helps to maximise your visibility and search rankings.

If you are experiencing any problems regarding Google+ or any other social media channels, then VIS is available 24 hours to assist you. Just feel free to contact us at or simply dial at: 0431 041 875.

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