How to Set Up your eDM Campaign Though a MailChimp Account?


FACT: did you know that 77% of consumers would rather receive permission-based emails over any other form of marketing communication?

Website, engage with your brand and make more purchases.

Email marketing might seem like a confusing and time-consuming task for someone who’s not an eDM marketing expert. In this article we will give you a simple step-by-step guide on how to establish an eDM campaign which can be achieved within an hour.

Mailchimp SignUp

1. Create a List

First create a list of people to send your emails to. Start with your customer list as you are likely to already have their email addresses through collecting their data. To boost this list, include an email signup form on your business’ website or blog to make it easy for customers who are interested in receiving updates.

2. Name Your Campaign

Start off by naming your campaign. For example, you can name your monthly newsletter “September 2018.” Next name your email subject. This is a crucial step, as it needs to be an engaging subject to increase the chances of recipients opening your eDM.

FACT: Did you know that MailChimp reported that open rates go were up to 93% when clients spent the time developing engaging subject lines?

eDM Campaign Infographics
eDM Campaign Infographics

3. Select a Tracking Method and Create a Template

Ensure that an appropriate tracking method is set up. This will gauge how many recipients opened your email and clicked on the links.

Here’s what the setting up tracking method looks like:

Tracking Method

MailChimp has designed templates for users to utilise immediately. Select one and customise your brand, such as changing colours and adding your logo, etc.

TIP: Add images and colour to your email copy. Make your eDM look interesting and inviting.

4. Send Out Your Campaign

Once you’re satisfied with the To, From, Subject and Contents sections of the Campaign Builder, you should see a green check-mark next to each section. This means

Prepare for Launch


Once you’re ready to send, click “send.” Then go to the Prepare for launch modal, click Send Now to confirm your send.

5. Your Campaign is on its way!

Congratulations, you’ve sent your first eDM campaign through MailChimp. Great job! Your next steps are to view your email campaign report to watch the data roll in.

About Email Campaign Reports

Now you can check to see how many clicks and opens it received and on which links got were clicked on. What worked? What didn’t work well? What are some things to try next time?

PLEASE NOTE: Your campaign can’t be stopped or edited once it is sent. To avoid any issues, send the campaign first to yourself and some colleagues before sending it to your subscriber list.

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