How To Reconnect With Your Professional Network?

Reconnect With Your Professional Network

In business world, it always matters who you know.

Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH. 

Networking undeniably has its perks. You never know who will offer advice, refer you to a new prospect, pass you a new lead, or open door to new opportunities. That’s why it is necessary to look back and get in touch with your former boss, colleague or professor.

Today we will provide you few tips on how you can reconnect with your professional network.

1. Set aside awkwardness

Ready to reach out but unsure of how to start and what to say?

You can jump-off by acknowledging how long it’s been since you last spoke. This looks more genuine and doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Well, other best option could be finding about how their career or interests have progressed and questioning about the same.

2. Make it personal

It’s always a great idea to attach a personalised message while sending connection request or starting a conversation. Always be at the upfront and take time to send personalised message. It could be wishing your contact a happy birthday or congratulating on new work or work anniversaries. This will naturally lead back a conversation regarding one another career or interests.

3. Request for their opinion

A great start to a communication could be requesting opinion and advice regarding something that you do. This shows that you value their feedback and respect their opinion. People love it when they are perceived as knowledgeable and they are always interested to talk about it. This is exactly what you need, right?

4. Share valuable information

Stay alert and be thoughtful! Whenever you come across something interesting and that is beneficial to one of your professional networks then don’t hesitate to share. This is the easiest way to start a conversation, and at the same time not showing them that you need a favor. You can just join a conversation by sharing relevant articles or industrial news or updates or commenting on updates from your network.

5. Send invitation to a professional event

Are you planning to attend to a professional event? You can always request any of your professionals to join you. In that way you can reconnect with each other and can get to know talk about your current happenings, career plans and so on. Also, there are chances that they might come across something that is beneficial to them, that way they are more likely to remember you in future.

6. Book a date

Reconnecting with your professional networks is not a one-time activity. You never know when you might need them. Therefore, it is always recommended to build and nurture your relationships with professionals. You can always ask for a coffee meet, or lunch dates. Always give them opportunity to get to know you better because you are starting relationship all over again.

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