How to protect yourself from online scams

You surf internet, buy goods, gifts on internet and you even do business. But have you ever thought you could ever get cheated by some scammers in the internet. I guess not. So, as scamming has been detected as one of the major problem in the internet world today we are going to discuss on how you can protect yourself from online scams.


Firstly let me simply tell you about Scam. Scam refers to fraud presentation in the internet having intention to seize your personal information such as credit cards number, your bank account detail and many more. Scammers use email marketing, attracting products offer, sales discount offer, Loan schemes and many more as a source to peek into you. So as you are known to scams let me tell you with some information from which you can securitized yourself from these internet frauds.



Email: Never ever reply emails of persons which whom you are not close with. Scammers send links in the email and if you intend to click those links they will gain access to your server and took out all the necessary information required for them to ruin you. It may seem some unpractical but it’s the fact. Some scammers are really capable of doing so.


Fake offers: Another way through which scammers attract you is fake offers. Scammers really attract people through extremely cheap offers. Some examples are unbelievable discount on highly expensive goods. You will easily get distracted through these offers. Always check the market price of the goods compare it and then only shop online.

Work at home: Who don’t want to have a job just sitting at your home next to the computer? Way attracting and easy. These offers are highly used by the scammers nowadays. They charge you for this offer and when you go to check this offer you found out that it’s fake.  Check if your any friends have done this before or not, research on the offer than only apply.


Credit Cards: Credit Cards are widely used in the internet world. It’s easy, convenient and it saves a lot time. Don’t tell your pin information to someone on internet that is not trustworthy to you. Choose difficult PINs and password that no one can guess.



If you are some more serious and want security solutions to prevent those scammers out of your business than feel free to Contact VIS at 08 8338 3846. We will be very much pleased to serve you.

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