How to make money through blogging?

I am a blogger and many people often ask me “Is it really possible to make money via blogging?” And my answer is yes and no both. It’s because, earning via blogging is not that easy for all players. But for real players, it’s just like playing with words and using logic in telling their stories.

Below I have covered some logics and methodologies to earn money via blogging.

• AdSense

Your blogs can be a good platform to generate income by placing advertisements which possible via Google AdSense.It is one of the biggest and most popular advertising networks available today and you’ll have a wide range of advertisers to work with.Setting up Google AdSense is really easy and simple. You will not require any technical knowledge.

I am a blogger and I do not know technical jargon other than writing. I am using Google’s AdSense and so can you. All you need to do is to simply copy and paste the codes.

• Affiliate programs

Writing about various topics, I run several affiliate programs such as Entrepreneur’s voice, Custom WordPress themes, tips on running your business smoothly, App of the week etc. Although these generate small amounts of money, they are of deep thought provoking and highly informative.  I receive many emails from readers with valued suggestions and advice. This happens to be a good income stream for my business. So, make your content worthwhile so that it sells rather than quantity which derives no income.

• Amazon Associates

For market penetration write reviews about products and shopping techniques. Once you have a dedicated viewership then you can add affiliated marketing programs like Amazon Associates. The benefit is that when people click-through from your blog to and make a purchase, you earn a portion of the sales. The amount depends upon the price of the purchased items. So, if your blog supports or motivates the buyers then you are credited with a percentage of the sales. Happy Happy is what I say for the effort.

• E-Books

You share information for free in your blogs by just playing with words. But if you want rewards for your informative ideas then try writing e-books which helps you to become more resourceful with the possibility of making money.  Your e-books should be ideally connected with your blog content.

• Private Ads/Sponsorships

Once you are established with your blogs, you can then make approaches for private Ads and Sponsorships. Unlike AdSense, private ads don’t just come to you. You’ll have to discover them either through advertisements or personal contacts. You will also need a strong traffic statement that can convince the company that your blog has sufficient traffic with relevant content to suit their advertising needs.

If your blogging is qualitative and involves the above mentioned methodologies then you are on the right track for generating income via your blog. Blogging or writing is not just a profession but it’s another way of looking at things and for this to go professional you will need to be smart and hard working.  It also requires patience.

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