"How to Drive Your Online Results” – SPECIAL EVENT | VIS® Australia

Charles Darwin once said that it’s not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change. While Charles may have been referring to nature, his comments have never been more apt than in the current business environment.
If the Internet is the vehicle that innovation is riding on then search engine optimisation and social media must be the fuel. This medium used by some local businesses have turned them into global players with limited capital outlay.
The power of information sharing allows companies to reach new markets and customers, in providing product education at a level not previously experienced.
So to help our local community, VIS in collaboration with NAB Bank presents – Driving Your Online Results.

In this exclusive session, you will learn how to drive your online results.
While online marketing remains a high priority, the key is learning how to generate more profits through gaining more customers.
REGISTER NOW: http://www.digitalentrepreneurs.org/book-now/
Seats are limited.
Reserve your seat now to avoid disappointment
Prabin Gautam

visadmin | info@visnetwork.com.au

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