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This first and most important part of this report will explain why a guarantee is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can create for your business.Because so few businesses guarantee the results of their work, the opportunity for you to stand out in your industry is staggering! This part will explain how and why guarantees work, then show you how to create a million-dollar guarantee for your business.The principles in these next two chapters have helped me double my sales every year for three years straight. They’re the foundation for the success of such businesses as FedEx,Domino’s Pizza, Land’s End and Saturn.


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Over the past seven years I have been invited to speak to hundreds of business groups, corporate companies, MLM organisations and professional sales teams, all with one purpose — show them what has been preventing them from MAKING MORE MONEY. While the topics I’m requested to deliver may vary, what the audience is always looking for remains the same

Well, since you bought this manifesto, chances are that you qualify! For me, a bootstrapper isnʼt a particular demographic or even a certain financial situation. Instead, itʼs a state of mind. Bootstrappers run billion-dollar companies, nonprofit organizations, and start-ups in their basements. A bootstrapper is determined to build a business that pays for itself every day. In many ways,

Do you become stressed or drained when you are faced with sales rejections, challenging objections or not reaching your sales targets? Do complaint calls, demanding clients or impatient Customers make you feel tense and uptight? Too many people sales and customer service teams are under performing, or leaving their professions, simply because they are unable