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Funnel Design & Implementation

Funnel Design & Implementation

Traditionally, a funnel is a stage of decision making a customer does prior to purchasing a product or service. This principle can be implemented through your digital marketing efforts. At VIS, we create a proper conversion funnel that will lead people through a journey with digital properties to assist them in making a decision to purchase from you.

How does a Conversion Funnel Work?

The basic process is to first make the customer aware of your brand. Secondly, you need to provide an opportunity for them. Show them what makes your brand different. Next is to entice them with an irresistible offer to consider your brand for their purchase and become a customer.

It may sound simple but that is just the basic framework of a conversion funnel. There are other details to consider in creating this funnel which are a little more complicated.

Conversion Funnel after Initial Sales

The conversion funnel does not end after the customer makes the initial purchase.

The funnel design should include ways to keep the customer on board with your brand. This can be achieved through loyalty programs and contests. Use blogs and continued social media support to remind them about your brand and special offers.

Next you need to create a level in the funnel for upselling new products or services to your current customers. An incredible marketing opportunity for any company is they are already your customers and are deep into your conversion funnel you already know that they are interested in your product or service. It is now time to sell them other related products to their original purchase.

Since the customers are already satisfied with your products or service and have shown loyalty to your brand through repeat purchases, they are likely to refer your company to their family and friends.

Referral Conversion Funnel

Referral marketing is a powerful tool to grow your brand. According to studies, 92% of consumers trust what their family or friends have to say about a company, brand, product, or service. Having your satisfied customers sing your praises creates a further opportunity to market your products. It still takes time to create an avenue for them to refer your products or service.

By creating a referral program within the conversion funnel, your satisfied customers can share their experiene with friends and family members to exponentially grow your customer base.

Need help with your Conversion Funnel?

Planning and designing your conversion funnel can be difficult and time consuming. If you require help with creating and implementing your conversion funnel, VIS has the expertise to help you.

At VIS, we create a conversion funnel that truly works. This is customised to the needs of your company to maximise the success of the funnel.

To learn more about how we can help you, book a free 30min consultation, or contact us at or call us at 1300 777 847 today.

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