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    Transforming Your Local Business

    For Creating An Online Solutions For Your Local Business
    Anytime. Anywhere.

Being in the retail industry for many years, Engonos understands the modern struggles of competing with giant and global shopping websites as the retail landscape shifts to an online platform.

About Project

An Australian-owned family company, Engonos is an eCommerce solution to support retailers aiming to adapt to a modern market. Engonos believes in the idea of connecting with customers through bricks-and-mortar stores. Engonos strengthen retailers and their relationship with wholesalers, bridging the gap and fostering greater engagement with consumers.

Retail: Engonos is an online retail platform that provides bricks and mortar retailers with an Online Store solution.

Wholesale: If you are a wholesaler, and ready to expose your products to hundreds and thousands of retail stores, Engonos is your one-stop solution. Our retail/wholesale model rewards both parties for the sale of the products.

Central Managed System: Engonos takes care of your entire online store management. It is a ‘Click-and-forget’ solution for your online business. Engonos is a done for you online solution to maximise your business.