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EDM Campaign

EDMs are designed to provide information to customers in a personalised manner. They contain different information or a single specific message depending on the design of the EDM and the goal of the campaign. The important aspect is to build a relationship with customers through a EDM campaign.

Information can be customised based on the person’s purchase, likes, dislikes, or other details that they have shared with you. This allows for a personal message which is useful for the recipient and can boost the relationship between the customer and company.

Creating your EDM Campaign Message

For a successful EDM campaign message, there are three important factors:

A good subject line

With the many emails people receive on a daily basis, you need to stand out. This can be achieved by creating a good subject line showing exactly what to expect. It needs to grab their attention and be informative at the same time.

Direct to the point

Make it worth their time by getting to the point quickly. Tell them quickly about why you are emailing them. It can be about a new product, service, promotion or referral program.

Clear call to action

A clear call to action is essential. If they are interested in the information contained inside the email, they will discover more or find a way to order what’s on offer in the email. A good call to action is important.

Need help with your EDM Campaign?

VIS has a team of marketing experts. We focus on creating leads and actionable insights for our clients. We have years of experience in the field and we understand how to manage a successful EDM campaign.

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