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Are you finding all of your time is spent on managing your business and making sure it is operating smoothly? Do you find that there is no time to spend on marketing your business?

If there were a way you could have all of your marketing done for you, would you take it? Of course you would.

Here are 3 packages that suit any business needs. Choose from Exposure, Influence and Engagement packages.

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Done 4u Marketing Packages


  • Inbound Marketing Action Plan
  • 2 Blog Post/ Month
  • 2 Call- to-Action Graphics / Month
  • 1 Social Media
  • Email Marketing Creation

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  • Inbound Marketing Action Plan
  • 10 Service Hours / Month
  • 4 Blog Post/ Month
  • SEO Bronze
  • 4 Call- to-Action Graphics / Month
  • 2 Social Media maintain & monitor
  • Email Marketing Creation

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  • Inbound Marketing Competitive Plan
  • 20 Service Hours / Month
  • 8 Blog Post/ Month
  • SEO Sliver
  • 8 Call- to-Action Graphics / Month
  • 4 Social Media maintain & monitor
  • Replicating your key message
  • Low-end one Video / Month
  • Positive discussion and online interaction to extend the reach of your business

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Exposure : You can have the best product/service in the world, but if no one knows you exist, you’re invisible. Being a small business means that you need to be seen, in order for your business to grow. At this point, you have time to create, write and publish your own e-books, blog posts, newsletters, and any other content. You need the Exposure package for your business to grow.

Influence : We’ve all heard that Content is King. That quality content is the most valuable asset that you could invest in for your business, and can increase your website traffic. If you’re looking for help with planning, writing and publishing effective online marketing campaigns with customised content, then the Influence package is for you.

Engagement : Do you want to be easily found across social media? Increasing traffic is only part of the answer to engaging your customers. The other is lead generation. The Engagement package is the one for businesses looking to combine both an increase in traffic and generating leads.

Our top marketing packages include the management of social media, search engine optimisation, marketing strategy and planning, integrated marketing campaign, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Email marketing and Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Video Marketing and Website Management.

If you have something in mind for your business that the Exposure, Influence or Engagement packages doesn’t cover, then speak to us about a customised package for your business. Call now: 1300 777 847

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