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Domain registration and Hosting AdelaideWe provide robust industry-standard as well as economical and reliable tailored to your individual needs. Web hosting through VIS is the most cost effective means for organizations and individuals to develop an online presence. And also, secure, high performance web servers, good network infrastructure and technical support and here technical support means 24/7.
We the VIS offer comprehensive consultancy service for our clients’ knowledge and access to the entire web can offer. With our insider knowledge we can help you to focus on the most relevant information helping you to make the right decisions promptly and most effectively. From setting up your first site to integrating e-commerce we can give you low down on how it works. Besides these, we also focus on providing website promotion skills such as submission to search engines, optimizing your website, tracking visitors to your website and many more.


Business Web Hosting Plans

Plan Name Establishment Yearly Web Space Monthly Served Traffic
Static $50.00 $120 plus gst 10 Mbytes 500 Mbytes
Dynamic $50.00 $240 plus gst 100 Mbytes 1.5 Gbytes
Database $50.00 $300 plus gst 1000 Mbytes 3 Gbytes

All Business Web Hosting Plans have a $50 establishment charge.
Web Hosting plans delivering larger web space and served traffic inclusions are also available. Starting from a Database plan, add multiples of $200 plus gst per year for each upgrade of an additional 1 Gbyte of web space (storage).
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Selling domain names – that’s the business to be in. It’s a licence to print money. We’re talking telephone numbers here; the domain name was sold for a staggering $8 million. That makes it the most expensive domain name in the world. Previous record holders include Compaq who paid nigh on $3.3 million for the name.


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