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Digital Reputation

Digital Reputation Marketing Adelaide

Prabin Gautam, the Director of VIS, shares a geek joke which is very humorous to the online user. He says, if anyone asks you “Where did you hide the dead body?” You can answer it simply by saying its “On the third page of Google.”
So, where are you ranked in Google?
Managing your online reputation is as simple as showing your results on the first page which is ranked through the search engines – especially Google. However, it goes well beyond SEO to include aspects such as high PR, blogging, copywriting, social media etc. Managing your online reputation can be a major factor in the success or failure of your business.
The old marketing proverb is that a satisfied customer will share with 6-7 friends about their experiences whereas an unsatisfied customer will probably tell 18-20 people. In today’s market place environment, a disgruntled customer could convey the message to millions. If you’re not cautiously monitoring and constantly improving your company’s online reputation, you are possibly sending potential customers to your competitors. This leads to a significant loss of customers, distrust and loss of revenue. You can’t control what others say about your brand online, but you can manage how your business generally comes across on the internet with a few helpful tools, tips and tricks. This is where we can advise you. We can help you in every step towards maximising your online presence more efficiently and accurately with the aim of giving you a greater turnover.
The following points emphasise why you should manage your online reputation and its benefits.

  • By developing and maintaining a positive online reputation, your website will have back links spread out all over the World Wide Web thus increasing your search engine rankings.
  • Your website gets increased traffic which means a higher probability of sales that leads to more profits and a greater exposure to your online business.
  • Study has shown that 78% of consumers believe what others say about your business. An effective online reputation will help to market your product or service more quickly.
  • Gaining useful insights from customers about what is good and bad about your product or service helps to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Contrary business sectors need individual solutions whereas online reputation faces various requirements.
  • Since your online reputation ranks higher, you are able to make better marketing strategies and your business will perform better. You need not or spend large amounts of money on advertising.


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