Creativity, an important factor for a Successful Entrepreneur

How do you define an entrepreneur? It’s a simple question but with a practical approach, an entrepreneur is not just a definition of words. He is a person who has varied skills including passion, good leadership and self-esteem but what makes the real difference from the rest is his creativity. A successful entrepreneur is a goal driven person inspired by creativity that guides him through innovation.

For example, Steve Jobs created his own identity by sticking with his imagination which was very innovative and creative. Today, everyone knows his position. Apple’s tagline “Think different” is not only the tagline, it’s actually personified him and likewise for Bill Gates, Larry Page, Richard Branson and others.

Another great example would be Phoebe Cade Miles, daughter of Gatorade inventor Dr. James Robert Cade, who believed in the power of creativity for a successful business operation. The product is so famous that it is still being used by athletes around the world. Phoebe has watched her father work tirelessly to create this product and his hard work and creativity is well known. Today, Cade Miles is working on her own entrepreneurial project, The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention. The museum, scheduled to open in 2015 to commemorate Gatorade’s 50th anniversary, explores the history of the famous athletic drink, and highlights the crucial role creativity has played in its invention.

“The invention of Gatorade is a perfect example of a creative collision,” Cade Miles told BusinessNewsDaily. “It took experts from two seemingly unrelated subjects, nephrology and football, to bring about the completely new category of sports beverages.”

Phoebe shared her thoughts on why creativity is such a powerful entrepreneurial tool for success as:

• Creativity counts more than intelligence

Still many businesses and institutions focus on intelligence rather than creativity. Phoebe predicts it may be because intelligence is easier to quantify, easier to manage, and easier to identify, whereas creativity can be difficult to spot because most creative people often struggle in school. A business should consider hiring for creativity traits in addition to intelligence because that this will make and help to gain marketplace prominence with unique ideas.

• Creativity can be improved

Everyone has the ability to be creative and to think differently from others but to make the creativity worth, you need to “polish it’. Polishing will help to improve and strengthen your innovation power.Learning new hobbies and skills is a great way to lay down new networks, but learning a new art form is one of the best methods to train the mind in developing creative problem-solving skills.

So, get things done with unique ideas. And when you do, look and see how things pan out. Gain confidence from your success, strength from your failures, and wisdom from all your experiences. Doing what matters and making it pay means that your streams of income will reflect what matters to you and success will be yours.

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