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Are you finding your business falling behind the competitors?

Do you want to grow your business and not just survive?

Are you having a difficult time navigating through the ins and outs of the digital marketing world?

If you answered YES to all 3 questions, it’s time you get help from the digital marketing specialists in Melbourne.

And that’s where we come in.

To achieve your business goals and ensure growth in future, take complete advantage of our customised 360° Solutions.

What’s in our 360° Solutions?

360° Solutions = Discover + Design + Develop + Drive

From business consulting and brand strategy to design and developing a website, we see it all on your behalf. Having a pretty looking website is not good enough for your business if it doesn’t bring in the customers.

That’s where our smart and effective digital marketing drive plays an important role to bring in targeted traffic to your site and a great conversion mechanism which helps you to turn those quality leads into paying customers. Simply put we focus on building you a result driven website.

After that it’s all in your hands, how your effort and dedication keeps them loyal to your business.

In our discovery phase, there are two crucial things to consider:

  • Business Consulting Brand Strategy
  • Business Consulting

Business Consulting

This is where an in-depth review of your business, its vision and objectives is done. We look into how your business is fairing in the industry, who are your top competitors and how they handle their business and online marketing.

We talk will about what you have been doing to make your presence felt online whether or not you have a website, if you have one how it’s performing. And if not we discuss further on what kind of website to build and how we will manage promotion of your business through the website and various social media platforms.

There is a lot to discuss on the table, and it may be too much for you to handle. However, you can rest assured, you are in good hands. We take a calm approachto our business consultation so we can better analyse the situation and strategise on future plans to grow your profits and business.

Brand Strategy

Here we discuss and come up with a strategy best suited for your brand. Identify your brand with what you and your business value in. It should tell a simple story about why you started this business so the customers can connect with the history and purpose of your company/business.

When the customers hear or see your brand, they should automatically understand what to expect from your products and services. The brand should relay the character adding that personal touch which makes your business easily relatable with your customers.

As to why it is important to have a strong branding even online, it’s because you want your company/business to have a separate identity from that of your competitors.

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Brand is the identity for your business. It’s more than a name, logo and the slogan. It’s an intellectual property of the business vital for making it (the business) easily recognised by all, not just the paying customers.

Branding is important to make a strong connection with the customers. They buy your products/services because they know you will provide them with quality stuff each and every time.

And it’s not just this that they find it attractive but that they feel like they are having an experience when they hire your services or buy goods from you. You are offering them not just products/services, but giving them a memorable and pleasant experience that they will remember every time they feel the need for products/services like the ones you provide.

A simple story that touches peoples’ heart can greatly improve your brand’s standing in the industry. It’s all about adding value to your customer’s needs.

Feel lost? Need guidance from the professionals?

VIS’s expert partners have mentoring and coaching programs as well as workshops and events where you can learn about online marketing, how to succeed in business, how to take advantage of social media, why you should take your business online, how you can to grow your business and many more.

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