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360 Degree Solutions

Is your business lagging behind the competitors?

Do you want to grow your business and not just to survive?

Are you experiencing difficulty in navigating through the ins and outs of the digital marketing world?

If you answered YES to any or all 3 questions, it’s time to seek help from the digital marketing specialists.

Digital marketing plays an important role to attract targeted traffic to your site with an aim of a great conversion which helps to turn those quality leads into paying customers. We focus on building results driven website.

To achieve your business goals and to ensure future growth, why not take complete advantage of our customised 360° Solutions.

What’s in our 360° Solutions?

360° Solutions = Discover + Design + Develop + Drive

From business consulting and brand strategy to design and developing a website, we take care of it all. A good looking website is not enough if it doesn’t bring in the customers to generate sales.

That’s where our smart and effective digital marketing drive plays an important role to bring in targeted traffic to your site and a great conversion mechanism which helps you to turn those quality leads into paying customers. Simply put we focus on building you a result driven website.

In our discovery phase, there are two crucial points to consider:

  • Business Consulting and Coaching
  • Brand Strategy

Business Consulting and Coaching

At VIS®, our specialised business consultants work on a 90 day strategy, planning, problem solving which helps clients to develop their business skills and knowledge. When you enlist our help, you will be provided with a range of services including a business model, marketing plan, sales strategy, increased revenue and profits to meet ROI expectations and can tailor our solutions to suit your firm’s processes.

No matter what size your firm is or what situation you are facing, we understand your business vision and goals. We carry out a competitive analysis to find out what your competitor’s strengths and shortcomings are before we implement any marketing strategies for you.

VIS® help small to mid-size companies focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact on the bottom line. Our unique processes will show your company areas that money is being spent on which are not producing the desired results and how to use this budget better for higher impacting areas to obtain a much higher return on your investment.

If you require any further information, or would like a FREE Consultation, contact VIS® today on 1300 777 847 – we’re always happy to help!

Brand Strategy

At VIS® we focus on a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. We believe the brand is not just your logo, your product or your website. It’s more than that…

Having a good brand identity is crucial for adding value to your business. It should tell a simple story about WHY you started your business so customers can connect with the history and purpose of your business.

When the customers hear or see your brand, they should automatically understand what to expect from your products and services. The brand should relay the character adding that personal touch which makes your business easily identifiable and relatable with your customers to stand out in your market place.

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Once you are clear with brand strategy and its purpose then the next step is choosing your customise marketing plan:

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Consult with our digital marketing experts to find the best service suited for your business needs.

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