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Infrastructure strategy and planning

We help businesses optimise IT investments by applying leading-edge technology to solve complex problems through our infrastructure strategy and planning session.

At VIS, we are committed to deploy cloud services at a lower cost. This means clients can focus on its core business functions and customers, not on its IT department.  

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Data analytics reporting systems

We are focusing upwards to new heights in the areas of automation, on-demand ordering, pay-as-you-go pricing, and self-service management and control systems. As such, data analysis and insights are more important than ever. Your organisation will need data analytics as it helps to:

VIS utilises cloud-based analytics and reporting systems to help businesses use data to become more efficient and competitive in the marketplace.

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Integration and automation solutions

Our passionate consultants are committed to integrate and automate your business to save time and reduce costs.

We believe that smart businesses are now conscious of the urgency in deploying integration and automation solutions to achieve competitive edge, cost reduction strategies and transform customer experience.

It is easy to see why our clients turn to VIS when they want a trusted integration and automation partner to meet business objectives. Our solutions experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Chat Bots, IoT and Blockchain technologies have the experience to deliver in different projects.

Highlights of the VIS approach:

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SMART AGENT for your business

At VIS, we are committed to transforming your business by driving customer satisfaction, cost savings and efficiency.

Our chatbot solutions:

Increase sales, engagement and efficiency through Chatbot solutions. Contact us today.


B2B Customer Success

Looking to find new ways to increase revenue and profits in your business?

Are you curious, how to personalise customer experience for their entire lifetime?

Do you realise cross-sell or up-sell is important for your revenue model?

Not sure of the best model to customer delight and retention?

Today B2B customers are switching to a “Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) “model where the value to clients is realised over time instead of upfront sale. This shift has redefined the goals of sales, marketing and service transformation:

At VIS, we truly believe the importance of customer lifetime value, transforming one-time buyers into recurring and loyal clients.