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When you hear the word brand or branding what comes to your mind?

Let’s admit it, brand is one of those words that is broadly used but not fully understood by many. What more if we add up brand and marketing? Or let’s just say, brand marketing.
Sounds complicated??? Nah! Let’s dig deeper.

What is Branding?

Creating a brand can really be difficult. There are lots of companies now who are also aiming for brand attention.

Branding is more than just your logo, color palette, fonts and other designs. It is your approach on how you will define your business’s identity, your culture and your values. It should also answer the questions; why you build the business? what problems you want to solve and how can you help your future customers?

Whats your Brand

Once you have established your brand, the next thing to do is Market your brand.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is more than just advertising. It is a process wherein you promote, sell and distribute your products or services. It starts with the maker and ends with the consumers.

Marketing has a wide approach and some of these are B2B (business to business), B2C (business to customer), affiliate marketing, email marketing, online marketing and many others.

A marketing approach that is commonly used nowadays is Brand Marketing.
Now that we know what brand and marketing is, let’s checkout what’s with brand marketing.

What is Brand Marketing?

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is a method on how you can build awareness for your company.
A way how your brand helps consumers or your customers understand your company’s mission.
A process that helps promote your business via marketing platforms like Social media, PPC, Direct Mail and the like.

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It’s main goal is to boost your brand’s recognition and make it visible to the market.

How can we Develop Brand Marketing Campaign?

You must communicate your brand to your audience.
Driving leads is difficult especially if you are just starting.

To keep the sales funnel filled and in good shape, you need leads, therefore you need to make sure that you are getting the right leads for your business.

You create forms to capture data, posts ad, create videos and so on. But it doesn’t stop there.
You must continuously communicate with your audience.

With your brand marketing, tell them what you do, your goals and how can you make their lives easier?

Give them something that will stick to their minds that is associated on what product and services you are offering. Let them know why your brand exist and what is it for.

By continuously engaging and communicating with your audience or your customers, you are giving them assurance. Once they’ve felt this connection, it will be easier for them to trust you, your brand and your company. Successful companies manage to create a brand and marketing that brings out certain emotions in their customers, the connection between the brand and the consumers.

Like what Simon Sinek says:

“People do not buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Branding and marketing are really vital in every business’s success. They should be consistent, clear, and recognizable. It is an ongoing process that requires effort and dedication.

If done correctly you will be amazed that building a strong brand and marketing will give you quality leads. After all, what we want are loyal clients/customers right? Pause and reflect and take time to think about your strategy.

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Our team of expert digital marketing strategists will work with you on improving your presence and in building value for your business.

At VIS® we recommend our clients to move forward with these five steps.

Step #1 Building a Strong Brand Foundation
Step #2 Marketing Action Plan (12 Months)
Step #3 Lead Generation Campaign
Step #4 Adding value (Accession ladder)
Step #5 Referrals Campaign

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