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Your brand identity is your business greatest asset. It represents your company values, services, ideas and personality. It can generate loyalty from your clients and make your employees proud to work for you.

What is it?

The simple definition of brand identity is how you want the market to perceive your product or brand.

Brand identity includes elements like colours, design, logo, name, symbol and tagline. But it also involves intangibles such as thinking, feelings and expectations.

It takes time and patience to develop an effective brand identity. However, if done well it is certainly worth the effort.

What are its uses?

Brand identity can:

• Set you apart from your competitors.
• Improve brand awareness.
• Represent the brand promise.
• Establish synergy throughout all communication methods.
• Motivate your employers.
• Generate active buyers.


Strong brand identity leads to:

• Brand loyalty and trust.
• Brand preference.
• High credibility.
• Good financial returns.

Where should you start?

When it comes to creating your own brand identity, consider using the following devices:


• Logo: The symbol of your business.
• A tagline: This defines your business to your audience.
• Stationery: Letter-headed paper, business cards, etc.
• Marketing materials: Catalogues, promotional flyers, websites, eBooks
• Products and packaging: What you’re selling and what packaging it comes in.
• Signage: For your office, car, etc.
• Emails: How you’ll brand your communication.


“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”
– Jeff Bezos


If you need help to create such a fundamental part of your business, it’s important you choose someone you can trust.


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