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July 12, 2018

6 Google AdWords and PPC Mistakes You Need to Stop Immediately

Online advertising with Google AdWords aids businesses to effectively reach new customers and grow their businesses. It is a commonly used advertising system across an extensive range of industries. e.g. Facebook, Google and AdWords enable businesses to set a budget for advertising. The difference is that businesses are only obliged to pay when people click […]

June 21, 2018

7 Smart Mobile App Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Downloads

According to Statista, Android apps reached 3 million marks and the current rate of its growth is more than 1300 apps per day. This clearly shows that the rate at which mobile apps are succeeding knows no limits and hence the bar has raised to put the apps that stand out in the market. People […]

June 11, 2018

Which Online Marketing Strategy Has the Best ROI in 2018

Did you know around 4 billion people from an estimated population of 7.6 billion use the internet around the world? Yes, that’s right! More than half the world’s population are using the internet. Online marketing today is absolutely essential. No matter what business or industry, you’re always on to reach out to new and potential […]

June 6, 2018

Top 7 Online Marketing Trends to Enhance your SEO Ranking in 2018

The growth in online marketing has reached new heights. It has become a compulsion for every business to build their online marketing presence to be keep ahead of their competitors. Are you keeping up with the latest Online Marketing trends? Are you ready to take a look at the online marketing trends that are going […]

May 23, 2018

3 Strong Pillars To Support Your Email Marketing Strategy

Have you been using email marketing to reach your target audiences or are you planning to? Yes, building a successful email marketing strategy can be daunting, especially when you don’t know where to begin and have little information about it. Even modern marketers sometimes struggle to use marketing elements and tools efficiently to strengthen the […]

May 15, 2018

How To Deal With Fake Google Reviews

“1 Star review” “Negative review in Google page” If you are a business owner, there’s a high chance that your company’s Google Review has 1 star or negative comment review from people you don’t even know. Yes, we’ve all been there… It’s stressful to imagine how the potential leads would judge our service based on […]

April 24, 2018

How To Reconnect With Your Professional Network?

Seeking for new opportunities? Looking to reach a potential client? Need advice on career? If you have answered YES to any

April 11, 2018

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

Digital marketing has revamped the business world, opening doors to reach and engage with the target audience, making businesses

March 27, 2018

Is Email Marketing Dead ?

I often get asked – “Is email marketing DEAD?” With multiple of channels to reach clients and prospects, many marketers and business

March 22, 2018

Do’s and Don’ts in Email Marketing

Sometimes this notification means you got an email from your friends, family or your clients and sometimes it is an email newsletter