Benefits of Mobile Websites


With more people doing business from their mobile phones your website not only needs to be good but it also needs to be mobile ready. Imagine if customers are looking for information while they are out of their offices, they can now access it through their mobile phones.


Here are some more things to consider:

•   2.4 million or 16% of Australia’s online population aged 14+ now regularly access the internet via their mobile phones. In the last 2 years mobile internet usage has increased 60%.

•   Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Data June ’10 database

•   Mobile internet users are also more likely to be ‘Big Spenders’

•   More than half of social media users in Australia (57%) are interested in finding out discounts businesses can offer followed by events and product information (both at 41%). – AIMIA & Sensis Report

•  The AIMIA & Sensis Study found that blogs and reviews play a large-role in the decision making process with 63% of social-networkers reading an average of six online reviews before buying an item.

•   According to Google 1 in 3 people use the mobile internet when shopping

•   If the growing number of mobile web users alone isn’t reason enough to convince website owners to embrace a mobile web, then there are also a number of other advantages worth considering.



1. Faster Download Speed
Mobile websites have higher speeds which means less waiting time and more browsing time. This will enhance the visitors experience and make it more pleasurable.


2. Improved SEO performance
A friendly mobile website receives a higher mobile search engine ranking. It means that when people search for the products or services using their mobile, your mobile website is more likely to be featured. It also provides improved rankings on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


3. On the go visitors
Mobile websites make it easier for the on the go visitors to easily find your business and contact you with just one-click to call, using a mapping function or just one click to email. Furthermore, if you’re a local business, a mobile website is particularly significant as more and more visitors will find your site by location.


4. Portability and Connectivity
A mobile website can be viewed anywhere, any time within the mobile phone coverage. As the mobile usage is growing incredibly quickly, this level of constant connectivity provides a great opportunity to connect with target audiences in new ways, wherever they may be.


5. QR Codes
Mobile phones bridge the gap between online and offline media via the use of QR Codes. QR codes can be read anytime and anywhere with mobile phones. When QR codes are scanned by smart phones it provides information such as website URL, email, phone number etc. You can use the QR code on business cards brochures, advertisements, posters etc.


6. Advantage
A mobile website will help you to stand out against your competitors. If your website is not mobile friendly then visitors are most likely to have a negative impact and may never return to your website. Smart phone users want clean mobile websites which are easy to navigate and have an action to call feature. Another advantage is that mobile website advertising is growing at a rapid pace and presents many new opportunities for reaching your target audiences with unprecedented precision.
So now you have read through the Benefits of Mobile Websites, what are you going to do next? Hopefully you’ve written down your ideas, made lots of notes and started to form a strategic plan.

Now comes the challenging part. Now it’s time for you to take action.

Helping You Take Action

At VIS we show clients how to build a Results- Driven Online Solutions. Here the client discovers how to clearly identify and define everything that they want to focus on over the next quarter. Online Business, and especially the area of marketing, is far too dynamic not to have an action plan. A proactive business must be anticipating changes. They must plan and review their progress constantly.
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