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Versatile Information Solutions (VIS®) provides 360° Solutions to help clients unlock the potential by providing cutting-edge technology to facilitate sales and increase revenue.

Operating since 2007, VIS® provides a ‘Done 4 U Marketing Solutions ’ for clients with a full suite of digital services including web and mobile : Strategy & Consulting | Design & Development | Sales & Marketing.

VIS® brings many different perspectives to its clients’ by taking a bottom-line approach. We help your buyers to find you easily, test and measure the digital channels and convert them to sales and opportunities. Our online products make it simple for businesses to do the work they need to do, anywhere and anytime. These services help educate, reduce risk, save time and grow revenue for clients regardless of size or location.

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“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar



Prabin Gautam is a digital entrepreneur, professional speaker and highly paid consultant. He is Australia’s leading expert in making money online. Winner of Young Entrepreneur Award, he help serious business owners and entrepreneurs to increase their profits 20-30% in 90 days.



Anisha is a trusted advisor and digital strategist. She is committed to designing, driving and leading the strategic agenda and associated execution plan to ensure your business is invested in delivering the best possible outcomes.



Sally is a passionate Local Area Marketing Consultant with over 20 years of business development, sales and partnering experience. She specialises in optimising local area marketing strategies to increasing profitability, leveraging your time and resources for maximum results.

Marissa Papadopoulos

Social Media Strategist

Marissa Papadopoulos is the Social Media Strategist at VIS®, specialising in LinkedIn. She is highly skilled and experienced at creating more leads, sales and profits for businesses and business owners whilst providing real outcomes.


Marketing Consultant

Pratiksha is responsible for developing and driving strategic planning for several start-up and commercial businesses. She successfully leads the marketing team while helping all the clients at VIS. Expert in Branding, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertisement and Conversion.


Senior Designer

Pasang Gurung an experienced web designer and front-end web developer with professional experience in the design industry. He specialises in creating custom designed websites for businesses, focusing primarily on custom WordPress theme design and development


Senior Programmer

Ketan Manandhar is a talented senior programmer who specialises in WordPress and other platforms. He is highly qualified and experienced in both front and back-end development. He is a head of customer service and helpdesk support team.


App Strategist

Manil Bajracharya specialise in different Mobile Application platforms. Experience with deploying Mobile solutions preferred to clients expectations and work with a cross-functional Mobile App team.


SEO Expert

Sonam specialise in Lead Generation, SEO Strategy and Google AdWords to help your business found easily in Google. Sonam focus on relationship with Google as well as relationship with clients and SEO Team.


Content Marketing Strategist

Creating search engine optimised web content is second nature to her. Ardent about helping people in all aspects of online marketing, she is focused on producing content that resonates with its readers, and at the same time is conversion-friendly for the benefit of the client.


Social Media Consultant

Sam Bajagain is Social Media Marketing Specialist. She is brilliant at creating customer relationship and engagement through social media. She leverages data, innovation and creativity to drive results for clients.

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