6 ways to Ensure you Maximise your ROI from Content

Content is the lifeblood of your web based business so having a proper content marketing strategy is important. There are several things that you can do with your content which will help to maximise your return on investment. This is important because it is how your business will develop and prosper. You will build a following which forms your loyal customer base. Here are 6 ways that will help you to maximise your return on investment from your content:

1. Always promote your content

The majority of your ROI will come from the promotion of your content. Great content is just the beginning because it is worthless without a lot of promotion. You can do a big promotional push for a few weeks which will cause a large spike in your traffic but it is going to fall off very quickly. The problem is that you won’t even reach a fraction of your target audience in that short timeframe.

Not only do you have to promote your new content but you will need to spend just as much time promoting your older content too. All you need to do is repost your content on forums and on social media every so often.
For starters, you can simply repost your content on social media and forums every once in a while. Use Google Alerts to notify you when people are discussing topics that you have content in. This is your opportunity to add in your comments with a link to your content which helps with your content marketing.

2. Get your posts syndicated

When your content is syndicated on other websites it helps to bolster your authority, drive traffic and build your following. Step one is to write excellent content that people want to share and syndicate. Use sites such as LinkedIn, Forbes and Social Media Today and re-write your introduction, change your images and title.

3. Expand your reach by repurposing content

When you repurpose your content you will save time and expand your reach effectively. There are plenty of ways to repurpose your content including converting a webinar to video, using blog posts to create an eBook, or publishing an eBook on Slideshare. Web content marketing is repurposing content in a variety of ways; you just need to think of more than one way.

4. Update continually

Content can be divided into two categories. Evergreen, which is relevant for years and non-evergreen which will quickly become outdated. You will create both types of this content but when you create non-evergreen content you get some value from it but it does not help your business that much. Continually updating your content can help to remove any negative effect. By updating your content you will gain extra links and shares. Your readers want to share things that make them look good and they don’t like to share old content because it is not applicable anymore. If you want your content to be shared, keep updating it.

5. Boost posts with paid ads

If you can afford it, using paid advertising as a part of your content strategy is an excellent way to boost content. Use promoted tweets, Facebook ads, StumbleUpon and Outbrain.

6. Write to your target market

Give your target market what they want. If you write to everyone you are not focussed and you are not hitting your target market. If you give your target market what they want they will tune in and listen and more importantly, share your content. The key to online content marketing is to provide your target market with what they want which can create viral content.

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