5 Do's and Don'ts while using hashtags (#)

Hashtags are # tags which are considered to be the best friend of social media marketers. The hashtags allows you to engage with your customers based on common/target themes. It’s essential to know how to use hashtags to their best advantage on your social media.

The hashtag lets you know what is trending, what is hot and what is new in the market and allows you to be found easily. Check out the following do’s and don’ts while using hashtags.


1. Do keep the hashtags short

It is recommended to use six characters or less for hashtags. However, be mindful not compromise the trending/common hashtags for the abbreviated ones. For example, #marketing is smarter choice than using #mrktng.

2. Do put a blank space before the hashtag

Before starting a “#” tag, ensure that there is a blank space. For example, use #marketing instead of social#marketing.

3. Do capitalise the first letter of multi-word hashtags

If you are using multi-word hashtags then capitalise the first letter so that it’s easier for users to read. For example, use #SocialMediaForMarketing rather than #socialmediaformarketing.

4. Do check the spelling

Before making a post, carry out a spelling check of your hashtags otherwise your prospects will not be able to find your message.

5. Do make it relevant to your brand

While creating a hashtag for your brand, keep in mind that it should be unique and relevant. You can consider shortening your company name such as #VIS for Versatile Information Solutions and create compelling taglines or product names into a hashtag that is easy to read and share. For example, if the company VIS is celebrating its 10th year anniversary then the hashtag would be #VIS10thAnniversary.


1. Don’t use spaces in hashtags

The hashtags with spaces will not work except for the one attached to hashtag. For example, “#LinkedIn tips” will only register as “LinkedIn”.

2. Don’t use special characters or punctuation in hashtags

If you use special characters or punctuations such as &, %,’, !, it will only register the word before such characters. For example, “#Let’sMakeIt” will only read “#Let”. However, underscore (_) is permissible.

3. Don’t use a hashtag within a hashtag

If you use “#Social#Media”, it will only read “#Social” and “#Media” will be ignored.

4. Don’t hashtag everything

If you try hashtagging everything, it will create problems.  It’s better to focus on quality rather than the quantity.

5. Don’t have more hashtags than words

Avoid using too many hashtags when you are uploading a photo or posting a status. Hashtags have the potential to reach a wider audience and receive more likes however, using too many hashtags may make it seem like a spam.

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