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360° Marketing

In order to create and establish results driven marketing plan and increased sales conversion, you’ll need a consistent plan in all channels including print/ broadcast advertising, PPC campaigns, social media, public relations, direct marketing, email marketing campaigns, events promotion, digital and in-store promotions to the target market.

At VIS®, we will work with you to ensure consistent branding across all marketing channels to generate more leads, more sales and opportunities.

We help businesses to create lead generation to referrals through 360 marketing.

Building the 3 Ds: DISCOVER, DESIGN, DRIVE

Most companies have been successful in finding growth by acquiring new companies and tapping new markets (i.e. products, segments, geographic). Growth comes from discovering insights into clients, designing great products and offerings and then driving them to the market place.


Help us, help you.

At VIS®, we are inspired by you. We understand that in order to develop the most successful marketing strategy for your business – we need to know about you and identify your target market.

We combine research, strategy and creativity to determine the absolute best suggestions and ideas to help your business grow.


Not the graphic design, but the “design” of what you want to do. This includes the wireframes, spec sheets, personas, mock-ups, and user research you’ve conducted. Once you have a design set up, then the next step is development to show case it.

Our design strategist uses unique processes, pricing structure, products and experiences so that the brand delivers to its customers.

We focus on what customers care about, what their needs are and how to influence them.


Our recent survey of business owners who operate and promote their business revealed that…

9/10 are frustrated with the amount of time and money they spend on marketing

9/10 don’t track the results of marketing efforts or lead generation

9/10 says that their number #1 issue with marketing is lack of conversion

Let’s face it, when you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing is working you can feel frustrated.  BUT that’s not the case. That’s where our 360 Marketing DRIVE comes in!!

We help you to:

  • Drive marketing ROI
  • Identify the most profitable opportunities in your business
  • Develop compelling, profitable new packages and offers
  • Customer interaction in the right channels, at the right time and to the right target audience

Our commitment is to acquire results quickly for the time and money spent marketing online, offline and referrals.

If you require any further information, or would like FREE 360 Marketing Blueprint, contact VIS® today on 1300 777 847 – we’re always happy to help!

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